RT Series

RT Series, Single Phase, 5/6/10 kVA

Reliable power with intelligent energy-saving features

The Amplon RT series is an up-to-10kVA UPS with double conversion on-line technology. Offering advanced performance for servers, data centers, networking, VoIP and telecommunications, the Amplon RT series is a UPS for servers which has high power density and input power factor. Its advanced architecture provides low current harmonics.
The Amplon RT has a 1+1 parallel redundancy function to provide higher reliability. In engineering, redundancy is the duplication of critical components or functions to increase systems reliability. In the case of an uninterruptible power supply, redundancy is the extra or spare power it can offer its users as a stand-by during a power outage. Designed in a rack or tower configuration with an LCD display, the Amplon RT series has an optional external battery pack that can be added for longer backup time for critical applications.
Processors and memory are a server’s main power consumers that can significantly increase a company’s operational expenses. Server technology has developed over time increasing server demand for power. After processors and memory, the third big consumer of server power is the efficiency loss from the power supply. Now, the efficiency of a power supply depends on its load and loads with power utilization rates of between 50 and 70 percent are considered most efficient. Power consumption is significantly reduced by a highly efficient power supply. The leading design of the Amplon RT series UPS offers the perfect UPS for servers.

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