E Series

E Series, Single Phase, 1/2/3 kVA

" The Amplon E series is an online, double-conversion UPS housed in a compact tower for applications in the server, network, workstations, POS, ATM, home appliance, medical and banking segments. "
The 1kva UPS is designed to provide long backup time with the addition of an optional external battery pack. The Amplon E Series has a high input PF, and features a built-in high-level charger, which shortens recharging periods and increases availability.
With double-conversion technology that provides 24/7 full-time protection and automatic input frequency (50 or 60 Hz) auto-detection, companies can rest assured when choosing the Amplon E series. The technology’s input voltage bears up to 330 Vac, making it suitable for severe utility conditions, and its high charging capability increases availability.The Amplon E Series provides the wide input voltage range and stable power supply for your company's advanced UPS demands.


  • Double-conversion technology provides 24/7 full-time protection.
  • Automatic input frequency (50 or 60 Hz) Auto-detection.
  • AC-start and battery-start capabilities.
  • Input voltage bears up to 330 Vac. Suitable for severe utility conditions.
  • High charging capability increases availability.
  • Suitable for long backup time applications with customized battery source.
  • Optional external battery pack for longer backup time.
  • Smart slot for mission critical applications.
  • High input power factor (pf > 0.97) saves installation costs.
  • Wide input voltage range and stable power supply extends battery lifetime.

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