10 Zone Fire Panel

Blue Rays 10 Zone Fire Panel


10 Zone Micro Controller Based fire alarm panel. Supports 2 wire standard smoke detectors, Can attach speech dialer, Operating Voltage 24V, Individual zone indication, 3-7 digit user code, sturdy sheet metal cabinet with transparent cover and lock & key to prevent unauthorised access.

Main Features:

  • Supports 2 wire international standard smoke detectors.
  • Facility to attach speech dialer
  • Cabinet closed with a lock and key to restrict the access
  • Common tamper led for open or short in any zone
  • Panel can be programmed by a user code with user programmable 3-7 digit code
  • Panel can be armed or disarmed through code or a dedicated key
  • Any zone can be omitted
  • Manual call points can be operated even when some detectors have been removed
  • 12 event fire memory log with non-volatile memory
  • Sounders start automatically when fire is detected and can be programmed from 2 to 20 minutes
  • Single dedicated key to arm the panel and disarm the panel
  • Single dedicated key to manually start sounders and switch off the sounders
  • Single dedicated key for zone led test and for drill exercise
  • Two sounder outputs, each can switch 1 amp
  • Higher power sounders can be attached through an inbuilt relay
  • Battery space provided within the panel with plug in connectors