Dual Tech Microwave


Dual Technology Microwave & PIR Combination Sensor with Intelligent Pet Immunity and no false detection. Detection Range 12m, Multi Angle wall bracket. ABS Housing.

Main Features:

  • Digital Dual Technology Sensor
  • Quad Passive Infra Red Sensor
  • Microwave Sensor
  • Intelligent Pet Immunity
  • Combined Sensing Technology to Eliminate False Detection
  • Detection range up to 12m
  • Detection angle 85
  • Creep Zone View: Detection range starts from just 1 meter from the sensor
  • Unique Temperature Compensation Logic
  • 3 Level Sensitivity Control for P.I.R. function
  • 2 Level Sensitivity Control for Microwave function
  • Advanced Sealed Optics
  • Walk Test
  • Wall Mounted
  • Inbuilt Tamper Switch