8 Zone Control Panel with Onboard Key Pad & LCD display and inbuilt 2 Message 30 Number Speech Dialer, Home Automation System with 4 Appliance Control, Automatic Arming & Disarming and Remote Access through Telephone. Inbuilt Power Supply.

Main Features:

  •  Micro-Controller Based
  • LCD Display
  • 3 Status LEDs – Armed, Power and Dialling
  • 16 Key back lit On Board Keypads
  • Two Access codes – Master and Servant
  • Part arm facility
  • Automatic Arming Facility
  • Automatic Disarming Facility
  • Can be Operated through Cellular Mobile or Telephone Line Using DTMF Instrument
  • Number of Rings after which Panel responds is programmable
  • Panel can be Armed and Disarmed through Telephone
  • Code can be changed through Telephone
  • Alarm Trigger check through Telephone
  • Any 4 Electrical devices can be Switched ON or OFF through Telephone
  • These Electrical Devices can also be Switched ON or OFF through On Board or Remote Key Pad
  • Armed LED/Light Output
  • Built In Battery Back-Up Provision
  • Zone Omitting facility
  • Individual Zone Status is indicated on Display
  • Individual Entry Delay Time 2 To 255 Seconds
  • Individual Exit Delay Time 2 To 255 Seconds
  • Sounder time 2 To 20 Minutes
  • Silent Arming
  • Night Mode Arming
  • Intrusion Log
  • Dedicated Panic, Fire and Quick Arm Keys
  • Power Failure Indication
  • Blown Fuse Indication on LCD Display
  • Non-Volatile Memory
  • Open Zone indication on LCD Display
  • Automatic Re-Arming after an Intrusion
  • Musical Audio Indication
  • Multiple Sounder Outputs
  • Armed Light Relay Output
  • In-Built Tamper Switch